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First and foremost, we trap and snare. We know how hard it is to make ends meet when fur prices are down and trap prices are up.

With this in mind, we developed our website by using simple principles. You will find no shopping carts or secure server access -- both of which are an expense companies pass along to their customers. We prefer to continue doing business the old-fashioned way with the customer as our top priority. In addition to our mail order service, we now accept Visa & MasterCard through phone-in orders.

On our page entitled
Complete Snares, you will find a selection of ready-made snares. These can be custom designed to fit any purpose.
For the do-it-yourselfers, the
Snare Supplies page will outfit you with everything from cable to camlocks.

Order Form has been designed for easy printing with your browser. We recommend you print two copies of the form, one to send with your order, the other to keep for your records.

To e-mail us with orders or questions, just click on the fox.
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Company History 

The idea of PDK Snares came about on the ride home from a small trapping convention in Northwest Ohio. We had gone there to get our lot numbers for the fur auction hosted by the convention organizers.

After a bit of shopping and bartering for deals while waiting for our numbers, we returned to the truck and began building snares for ourselves. As fast as we could get a couple dozen built, a crowd had formed and people were buying them quicker than we could make them.

We left with almost no supplies of our own, but a pocket full of money and a great idea. We sold about 30 dozen snares that day, and on the ride home, after only a little pondering, PDK Snares was born.

We believe in the "KISS" method of building (Keep It Simple Stupid). We make a quality product that works well and is economical. We are confident that you will like our workmanship as well as the reliability of our snares.

We look forward to doing business with you, and as always, talking trapping and snaring with any and all. 

Ken Stewart

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