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PDK Sweet Coon Call Lure
As the name says, this is one great lure for raccoon. Its sweet flavor is a sure attractor.
$4.95 - 1 ounce bottle
$18.50 - 4 ounce bottle

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Lure usage when snaring is different than when trapping. While location is still the key to a successful catch, it's often helpful to add some scent to your snare line.

If you have questions regarding lure placement on your snare line, contact us and we'll be happy to give you advice.

Trapping & Snaring Lure

Sweet Coon Call Lure
• PDK Coon Long Call Lure
Special ingredients go into this lure to make it attractive to coon in long range areas.
$4.95 - 1 ounce bottle
$18.50 - 4 ounce bottle
Raccoon Call Lure
• PDK Shellfish Oil
This oil is a great added attractant to any set. Especially good for coon.
$4.95 - 1 ounce bottle
$18.50 - 4 ounce bottle
Shellfish Oil
• PDK Straight Beaver Castor
The perfect scent on a castor mound to draw beaver from far and wide.
$4.95 - 1 ounce bottle
$18.50 - 4 ounce bottle
Beaver Castor
• PDK Tincture of Skunk Essence
The perfect ingredient in nearly every lure -- gives it that added touch. Drives fox wild!
$5.25 - 1 ounce bottle
$20.00 - 4 ounce bottle
Skunk Essence
• Pure Sheep Wool Lure Holder
No added ingredients, nothing artificial. Pure and natural sheep's wool, the best attractor and lure holder around.
$3.50 - gallon bag
$12.00 - 4 bags
Sheeps Wool
A 1/4" U-shaped base steps into the ground with welded 11 gauge support wire. Great for hard soils.

Raccoon Size:
$14.00 - Half dozen
$26.00 - Dozen

Coyote Size:
$16.00 - Half dozen
$30.00 - Dozen

PDK Step-in Retrievable Snare Supports

Trapping & Snaring Lure

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