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Cable Cutters
One of the best cable cutters on the market.
$29.95 - Each

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PDK Snares offers the snare supplies you need to get the job done, and done right. From the best cable cutters to various sizes of annealed tie wire, we can provide the tools you need.

If you have questions about using snares, contact us and we'll be happy to give you advice.

Snaring Supplies

• Cable Cutter Sheath
All leather sheath, with a handy belt loop.
$6.95 - Each
• Hand Swager
Easily crimps your ferrules when making snares.
$59.95 - Each
• Swivel Maker
Make your own swivels with this handy tool. Can mount onto work bench.
$27.95 - Each
• Black Annealed Wire (Tie Wire)
Choose from 14, 11 or 10 gauge sizes. Cases of wire are also available. Each small roll weighs approximately 3.5 pounds.
• EZ Wire Reeler
The perfect accessory for your 3.5 pound rolls of wire.
$16.95 - each
A 1/4" U-shaped base steps into the ground with welded 11 gauge support wire. Great for hard soils.

Raccoon Size:
$14.00 - Half dozen
$26.00 - Dozen

Coyote Size:
$16.00 - Half dozen
$30.00 - Dozen

PDK Step-in Retrievable Snare Supports

• Colored Flagging
Always remember where your snares are located with colored flagging.
$2.25 - Each
Cable Cutters
Cutter Sheath
Hand Swager
Swivel Maker
14 Gauge Wire
$7.75 - 1 roll

Tie Wire
11 Gauge Wire
$7.95 - 1 roll (3.5 pounds)
$21.95 - 1 large roll (10 pounds)
10 Gauge Wire
$7.95 - 1 roll (3.5 pounds)
$21.95 - 1 large roll (10 pounds)
Wire Reeler
• Tail Zipper
The fast and easy way to open a tail in the fur shed.
$3.50 - Each
Tail Zipper

Snaring Supplies

TO ORDER CALL:  740-587-7143

• Split Rings
Use to easily attach snare to disposable stake.
$4.25 - Dozen
$32.00 - 100
split ring
NEW! 3/16" Quick Links
$3.85 Dozen
$30.00 for 100