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Snaring in the Space Age
By Bernie Barringer
The most comprehensive in-depth book ever published on snaring fox, coon, mink and beaver. 104 pages.
$12.00 - Each

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PDK Snares offers a line of snaring books to help your learn to effectively set and use snares. Most of our books also include different snaring sets, selecting the right location, and even basic snare building.

If you have questions about using snares, contact us and we'll be happy to give you advice.

Snaring Books

• Snaring Methods
By A.W. Grawes
These methods work 365 days a year - rain, snow or below freezing, using fast and simple methods. 48 pages.
$9.00 - Each
• Modern Professional Snare Methods for Fox, Coyote & Coon
By Lonnie Huber
Covers locations, sets, cubbies, snare building and more. 40 pages.
$7.95 - Each
• Dynamite Snares & Snaring
By Tom Krause
Make your own snares and use them effectively. Covers beaver, raccoon, fox and coyote. 80 pages
$9.95 - Each
• Practical Snare Methods
By Larry 'Slim' Pedersen
Covers equipment available to the snaresman, sets and more. 63 pages.
$12.00 - Each
• Beaver Snaring
by Arthur Simmerman
Explains the kinds of snare and cable to use, where to make various sets, how best to set them. Also explains how to snare without fur damage. 22 pages.
$7.95 - each
A 1/4" U-shaped base steps into the ground with welded 11 gauge su port wire. Great for hard soils.

Raccoon Size:
$14.00 - Half dozen
$26.00 - Dozen

Coyote Size:
$16.00 - Half dozen
$30.00 - Dozen

PDK Step-in Retrievable Snare Supports

Snaring in the Space Age
Snaring Methods
Professional Snare Methods
Dynamite Snares
• Coyote Snaring
By Keith Gregerson & Major Boddicker
Learn different methods for setting snares in fence line, trail sets, bait stations and more. 29 pages.
$7.95 - Each

Snaring Books

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NEW! Snaring 200
By Hal Sullivan
Learn all about snaring from the master. Helps you become aware of all the options available to you. 100 pages, 140 photos & illustrations.
$12.00 - Each